30 Year Old Bridge Replacement

Success Stories

We see a lot of patients with older  bridges and other dental work which hasn’t stood the test of time.  In this case, what a transformation!

This female patient presented with an old, ill fitting bridge that was approximately 30 years old.   After consulting with Dr Adam Watt, he fitted her new custom made bridge from Dental Design which she was absolutely delighted with.

The patient was so pleased that she went on to say:

“I would like to recommend Adam Watt. He is very thorough and very proactive in that he does not wait for a problem to become major but identifies it before it gets serious. He explains every treatment in detail and makes one feel safe and confident that the treatment is being done well and is necessary. Altogether, a good dentist.”

If you’re worried that your dental work isn’t standing the test of time, feel free to get in touch with us for an initial consultation.

Work completed by Dr Adam Watt