Aesthetic Ceramic Crown

Success Stories

Here at Broomhill Dental, we offer a wide range of services for discoloured teeth. In this case, our patient was suffering from a discoloured tooth near to the front of his mouth, which unfortunately was visible when he spoke or smiled.

After consulting with Dr Adam Watt, it was decided that an aesthetic ceramic crown would mask the discolouration and leave him with a more natural and healthy looking tooth.

He was delighted with the result, stating:

“I’ve had a black front tooth for well over 15 years and Adam was more than willing to tackle this by supplying me with a very intricate crown that matches exactly its pair. His work continues to be excellent and the whole process went without a hitch. Thanks very much to Adam and his team; I can smile again!”

If you are struggling with discolouration on your teeth and think that ceramic crows may be an option for you, or if you’re not sure what other options are available, feel free to contact Broomhill Dental for an initial consultation to discuss your options.

Work completed by Dr Adam Watt