Crowns & Bridges

Missing teeth can be unsightly and also cause problems when eating. Bridges can restore the spaces created by missing teeth. These can be made to perfectly match your other teeth and restore your bite. These are fixed in your mouth and are not removable.


Q: Why do I need a crown?

A: They are required for a variety of reasons but primarily for teeth that have been significantly weakened after they have been heavily filled. Teeth that have been filled multiple times, or that have several fillings in them, are at risk of fracture. These fractures may result in pain and loss of the tooth. By appropriate placing of crowns we are able to strengthen a tooth’s structure and help maintain it long term. They can also be used to restore broken teeth or protect teeth that have been root treated.


Crowns provide full coverage of a tooth. A crown is a restoration that is custom made in a dental laboratory to fit over a prepared tooth. They help to strengthen teeth and restore them to their natural shape and size.



A dental bridge covers or “bridges” the gap between missing teeth. A bridge can keep your other teeth from moving out of place and help restore a smile. Once in place, a bridge works just like your natural teeth.

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