Success Stories

This patient was unhappy with his smile and had a tooth with poor prognosis. At Broomhill Dental we pride ourselves on having a multi-disciplinary team. Being able to provide our patients with all aspects of treatment, start to finish under one roof. The patient began his transformation with Invisalign to straighten the teeth, followed by […]

Back to basics: HOW and WHEN to brush your teeth


Here at Broomhill Dental, we see so many patients who just aren’t quite sure of the rules when it comes to brushing. Whilst nearly everyone brushes their teeth twice a day, you might think that there is no real skill or technique required, or that timing doesn’t really matter. However, making sure you’re doing it […]

How to Tackle Bad Breath


Bad breath can be embarrassing and can really make sufferers feel self-conscious. It’s also not pleasant for those around you.  But you don’t need to suffer in silence.  There are lots of things you can do to combat bad breath and feel confident in your oral health. Here are some of our tips as to […]

30 Year Old Bridge Replacement

Success Stories

We see a lot of patients with older  bridges and other dental work which hasn’t stood the test of time.  In this case, what a transformation! This female patient presented with an old, ill fitting bridge that was approximately 30 years old.   After consulting with Dr Adam Watt, he fitted her new custom made […]

Smile Improvement Using Crowns

Success Stories

Being unhappy with your teeth can have a major impact on your self confidence, as those closer to the front are visible when you speak, smile and laugh. Dr Adam Watt previously met with a patient who was unhappy with her smile.  After an in-depth consultation, it was decided that we could create two new […]

Aesthetic Ceramic Crown

Success Stories

Here at Broomhill Dental, we offer a wide range of services for discoloured teeth. In this case, our patient was suffering from a discoloured tooth near to the front of his mouth, which unfortunately was visible when he spoke or smiled. After consulting with Dr Adam Watt, it was decided that an aesthetic ceramic crown […]

Bridge Replacement

Success Stories

Do you have a bridge that you are unhappy with?  Have a read at our case study below to find out how we can help. In this case, our patient had had a bridge at the front of his mouth that he had been unhappy with for many years.  After discussing his concerns with Dr […]


Success Stories

We love nothing more than helping patients to transform their smiles.  So often patients come to us having had previous dental work that they are unhappy with, or old dental work which is starting to fail, and we work tirelessly to ensure that we get the end result they’ve dreamt of. In this implant case, […]

Oral Health Survival Guide (Vol 1)


With so much information swirling around the internet about what is good (and bad!) for your oral health, we’ll be put together a series of handy Oral Health Survival Guides which will help you to keep your teeth in tip top condition. In Vol. 1 we’re dispelling the myths around some of your favourite every […]

Lip Enhancement 101: What You Need to Know


Considering lip enhancements? Our resident expert tells you everything you need to know. Here at Broomhill Dental, we offer a wide range of non-surgical solutions to patients across Glasgow, including wrinkle relaxing, facial volumisers and lip enhancement. With ultra-full lips becoming more and more popular, more patients than ever before are turning to lip enhancements […]