At Broomhill Dental we offer¬†treatment for the small black triangles or ‘gaps’ that 30% of adults have between their teeth. These black triangles, clinically known as gingival embrasures are often caused by bone loss, recession of the gum line and movement which make teeth look old. These gaps are prone to accumililate food which causes increased plaque build-up and further deteriorates the appearance your smile.

Did you know?

Many people, including a long list of celebrities use bioclear to close the vertical gaps and fix height differences between teeth. This makes Bioclear a brilliantly versatile treatment for the black triangles (gingival embrasures), vertical gaps (diastemas) and under-developed teeth (undersized laterals).

How Bioclear works

Bioclear is a revolutionary treatment which is both minimally invasive and cost effective. We use clear forms, wrapped around each tooth which are then filled with a composite material matched to the colour of your other teeth. The forms are removed once the composite has set, leaving smooth full teeth which extend just below the gum line. The careful placement of these clear forms ensure that your teeth naturally emerge out of your gum line to create a perfectly youthful smile.

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